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River isn’t looking at the Silent.

River can’t remember the Silent.

So how does River know there’s even something back there?

Rory looks scared.

River shot a monster because her father was scared.


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doctor who meme → four brotops [1/4]

↳ Rory x Eleven

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requested by ivycole

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I’m pretty sure Death and Rory are on a first name basis by now…

Dude, Death is just chillin at home, and Rory will just barge in, shout”I DID IT AGAIN.” Then he’ll grab a soda from the fridge and sit next to Death on the sofa and Death will catch him up on everything that’s happened in the hours since they last saw each other.

Death/Rory = Brotp


it was the ‘hours’ that got me XD the ‘hours’ since they last saw each other XD *lol*

When Rory finally dies for real he’s gonna walk in with Amy and say, “Hey death, I brought my wife this time!”
“Rory, what are you doing?”
“Oh, is this Amy?” says Death, standing up from the couch. “I must say, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you, I hope you’ve had a good long life?” and then he and Rory do a man hug full of back slapping and Death’s like “You know where the sodas are.”

for some reason, this made me feel better about the ponds dying.

this makes me feel better about all the deaths in my life. just thinking that maybe niko is sitting on a couch with rory and death.. hehe. that’s wonderful. thank you tumblr

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requested by ivycole

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but he was:


So can we talk about the fact that that means there were 3 Rory’s in the world at the same time?

so where are your precious “crossing time streams” rules now, Doctor

It’s Rory Williams. He came back from the dead 9 times, once after beign completely erased from time. I’m sure there’s some kind of “Well, it is Rory,” clause in the universe somewhere.

Well, it’s Rory.

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The Williams family seems to be quite good at taking care of boxes…

I’m so bad at drawing real people, it’s embarrassing >_<

Oh god, not only amazing art but a heartbreaking observation too

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Dear Mum,

I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it in time for Christmas. I miss you both so much.

Thing is, I got a little caught up in 18th century Italy. We met Giacomo Casanova. Yes, the one! We helped him escape prison. He didn’t really belong there anyway. Watching him and the Doctor interact was… interesting. Somehow they ended up betting on which of them could get Voltaire to reveal his real name. The Doctor lost. Now he owes him a chicken.

Oh, and you’ll never believe what I saw last week! Vogue is celebrating its 400th anniversary with an exhibit that includes hundreds of photos. And surprise, surprise, there you were! You looked so beautiful. You always do. You still haven’t told me why you quit that job.

How’s dad? Hug him for me, will you? Is he still considering getting a proper medical degree? Not that I don’t believe he could, but I don’t think he fits the job. He’s a nurturer, not a fixer.

I promise I’ll come visit soon. I’m just about to embark on a quick expedition to a library that occupies a whole planet. Can you imagine that? A planet sized library? I can barely picture it. It’s an archeologist’s playground, is what it is. Well, anyway, I swear I’ll come by after this. Just in time for your birthday, I think.

With love, always,


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Don’t deny it.



there’s no coming back from this

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#that awkward moment when you are just sitting there waiting for your wife to be born

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YOU GUYS NEARLY 11,000 OF YOU PUT UP WITH ME ON A DAILY BASIS. You guys listen to more of my crap than my own boyfriend generally does. That deserves rewarding. So this is an extra SPECIAL tea give away, and there will be THREE winners. Oh my god. Want a chance to become one of those lucky three people? Read on and follow directions.


  • First Place Prize: A set of all seven Sherlock Shipper tea blends [Sherlock/Moriarty, Sherlock/Irene, Moriarty/Moran, Mycroft/Lestrade, Lestrade/John, Lestrade/Molly, Molly/Moriarty]
  • Second Place Prize: A set of all four* Avengers Teas [Thor, Loki, Steve Rogers, and Coulson *and possibly also Tony Stark if I make a tea for him soon]
  • Third Place Prize: A set of all three Doctor Who Teas [The TARDIS, Amy Pond, and Rory]
  • IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE PRIZE PACKS: Each winner will get ONE blend specially created for them. It can be a character or ship or show or book or whatever that I haven’t done that they’d like me to do. It can even be a blend made based on THEM. Whatever the winners would like. They each get to request one, and they will receive it with their other teas.

I MIGHT ADD TO THESE PRIZES. If this gets reblogged like, a lot, or something, I might lose my head and also send the winners mugs to go with their tea. Or a book. WE’LL SEE.


  • Anyone ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD can enter EXCEPT AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND!! I am SUPER sorry for my followers down under because not only do you have to put up with terrifying wild life, you can’t even allow tea to be imported to help comfort you. Sorry, there’s like, crazy laws and stuff.
  • You do not have to be following me to win, but it might be helpful to keep track of updates or changes (if any). Plus I plan to make some blends for other fandoms in the future, so if tea is your thing, it might not be a bad idea?
  • Only two reblogs a day allowed.I did not realize how often people would reblog my last big give away soooo I’m going to enforce this LOL. You can reblog on as many days as you’d like, but yeah, only 2 reblogs a day please. I’ll be checking.
  • LIKES DON’T COUNT. Sorry! You have to reblog!
  • The give away will end and I will choose the winners on FRIDAY JUNE 1STI’ll probably do the drawing late at night on that day, so I’m going to say I’ll stop counting reblogs at 10 p.m. EST. Winners may not be announced until the next day or so, just to be aware!
  • Here’s how the winners will be selected: Just like all of my other give aways, I’ll compile a spreadsheet or numbered list of all of the reblogs, and I’ll use the number generator on to chose a number and find the corresponding username on the list. The first number I draw will win the first place prize (or, if they are more into Avengers or Doctor Who, they may chose one of the other prizes). Second number I draw will win the second place prize (or a choice between whatever two packs remain), and the third number drawn will receive the last prize!

[5/20 UPDATE] Dudes you guys are on a ROLL with this! I promised that if it hit 25k notes by the end of this weekend, I’d add another prize pack and, well, it happened. So now instead of three winners, FOUR people will win a prize. Same rules apply as before. The first place winner gets first choice of the prizes, then the second place winner, then so on. So what teas am I adding? CABIN PRESSURE!

The Lemon is in Play, Ottery Kisses, and Polar Bears are BRILLIANT!
And of course this prize pack will also come with a customized tea blend of the winners choice as well <33

Thanks so much everyone! You guys seriously are just the best, and odds are, I may end up adding another prize pack at 35K or something if it actually gets to that o_o

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I’ll make a man out of you

Inspired by this