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If anything comes from Robin Williams’ death, I hope it brings more awareness to depression. Even someone so outwardly upbeat and full of life can succumb to depression.

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ah damn apparently Hail to the King is the mandarin short

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thor week day two: family relationships/favorite scenes

"We were raised together, we played together, we fought together. Do you remember none of that?"

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Online activism changed me from a woman who actively put down other women to one who actively uplifts them. Online activism changed me from a white woman with unchecked privilege who actively oppressed people of color to a woman who has lost friends because she tells them to shut their racist mouths. Online activism has changed me from a woman who hated her body, to a woman who realizes just how beautiful she is. No one EVER tell me online activism isn’t good for anything.



The above quote though. My gut reaction is to cringe at the phrase “online activism” but when you really think about it everything these online communities provide — free information/literature sharing, community building, consciousness raising, and the free exchange of ideas and critiques are all (more within the self, more passive) forms of activism.

One of my favorite rebuttals of some asshat saying the usual “SJ blogs don’t even do anything because it’s not in real life” was when someone said "If it wasn’t for online activism, I’d still be calling women sluts and whores."

Early on in high school, I would slut shame, make racist jokes, etc. And now I’m a sociology major and I go to a women’s college and constantly read/think/write about intersectional feminism. So fuck anyone who thinks online social justice conversations and blogs don’t “do anything.”

(via beyonced)

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sigh, i miss Erica. 

i miss the idea of her in S3. i miss all the scenes we could have had. 

Erica leaping on Boyd’s back as they make their way down the corridor in school.

Erica laughing her ass off at Isaac’s running uniform.

Erica and Cora eyeing each other up suspiciously and then bonding over teasing Derek.

Erica tossing her hair and having absolutely no time for Deucalion and his speeches. 

Erica already willing to fight, and learning how, properly, through Derek and Cora. 

Derek actually learning to fight by helping her, and Boyd, and Isaac.

Erica having absolutely none of Derek’s crap with trying to throw Isaac out. just, no Derek Hale, she will stamp on your toes, and it will hurt. 

Erica being a little light in Stiles’ life because she winds him up and steals his lunch and still has his back.

Erica and Allison angry, and haughty and then discovering they could make a really kickass team together. 

Erica alive, and being a force to be reckoned with, and us not wondering where the fuck her body went and what the point of her death was when she had so much potential.

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Loki: Am I cursed ?

#uuuugh #when he asks this question i can’t #’am i cursed?’ #because he’s desperate for some other explanation #ANY other explanation #something that would mean he’s not one of the monsters he’s been raised to despise #’am i cursed?’ he wants to know. #but really what he’s asking is #’am i fixable?’

#’am i fixable’ omfg i am now very upset

damMIT LOKI YOU’RE NOT BROken *sobs*

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(inspired by this post)

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“because life is short, and you are hot”

these words might just seem like an ordinary pick-up line but if you listen closely you can hear thousands and thousands of muffled sobs from whovians all around the world

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This idea … it made me extremely sad and happy at the same time and I started to draw right after reading it. For me it is canon already.


Bofur head canon: At one point in his life Bofur was very much in love with a dwarf woman. She was soon pregnant and Bofur started learning how to make toys for his child, making as many as he could. Unfortunately there were complications with the birth and mother and baby did not make it. In an attempt to rid the pain Bofur felt, he sold off all the toys he made for his child, promising never to make another toy again, but the happiness his toys brought to other children made up for the pain, so he carried on making toys, giving children the happiness he would have given his own child.   

And that is how he became a toymaker. 

this is the story of how I died

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Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto on MTV Rough Cut [x]

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Think not of yourself. Not of your pain. Loki is as Loki does. 
Why has Loki betrayed you, his last defender, now?

-The Mighty Thor #20

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hey, just in case you guys forgot—loki exploded right in front of thor! thor watched his younger brother die! the brother he lived with for thousands of years and there was nothing he could do to stop it!

you are a terrible person and you should feel bad about yourself.